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Love and Hate – a poem
The Blue Raven

Love and Hate are both fires that consume,

and both are passions that can’t be subdued.

One fills you with light, the other with darkness.

One brings you fulfillment, the other emptiness.

One makes you bloom, the other makes you wither.

One enhances you, the other diminishes you.

One sustains you, the other devours you.

One completes you, the other destroys you.

One enlightens your soul, the other deceives it.

One lifts your soul, the other crushes it.

One warms your soul, the other sears it.

One embraces your soul, the other banishes it.

One soothes your soul, the other inflames it.

One delights your soul, the other torments it.

Thus is the nature of Love and Hate,

for Love is Heaven and Hate is Hell.

The End