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Revolution – a poem
The Blue Raven

The tyrants didn’t come in the name of oppression,

but in the name of freedom to serve a nation.

Who knew they were all liars with only one mission,

to deceive a people into complete submission.

Soon threats of death and persecution became part of life,

meted out routinely to those who didn’t toe the line.

The tyrants labelled the truth as lie and did their best to hide,

while they passed every lie as truth, howsoever vile.

Next they ordered the people not to gather in a crowd,

and to speak of nothing that was not allowed.

Thus they kept the people down and kept them cowed,

until to the tyrants a nation and its people bowed.

It was just a murmur of a few that started the coming upheaval,

growing out of anguish to wake a Spirit without equal.

Greater than Hannibal and Alexander, the Spirit was quite lethal,

for it was Revolution and It’d unleash a force primeval.

Revolution directed the people to march in the streets with their feet,

demanding their freedom with every breath and every heartbeat.

The tyrants sent in their troops with deadly weapons for people to meet,

but Revolution stood up to them and soon had them on retreat.

Then It mustered a great force to arrest the tyrants and prisons stormed,

freeing everyone that was put there for their speech to be reformed.

Next came the retribution and Revolution had the tyrants hanged and gored,

a price they had to pay for their crimes that brought so much discord.

With Its job complete, Revolution went back to Its place in history,

knowing It would be called upon again to repeat Its victory.

But whether it would set a people free or chain them to more misery,

Revolution didn’t know, for result hid in the eye of mystery.

The End