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Shadows in the Night – a poem
The Blue Raven

Night is rolling like black velvet across the sky,

and shadows hurry to make mischief on the sly.

A hat on a bedpost becomes a bogeyman to horrify,

when shadows cast its image on the wall as a bad guy.

The witches too are all exited to come out and fly

in the company of shadows where they can easily drop by.

The tormented souls in Hades, ever restless and never shy,

rent the veil at night and join the shadows with a shrill cry.

Then the devil comes for his piece of the pie,

when he jumps on the wall to make mischief multiply.

The devil urges the witches and the bogeyman to decry

that the tormented souls were only there to spy.

But shadows label this as a big fat lie,

and the tormented souls threaten the devil that he will fry.

Then Hades surfaces to give every tormented soul a black eye,

for leaving him without so much as a goodbye.

Soon all hell breaks loose and there is a massive outcry

that Hades and the devil are destroying the fun and causing a sigh.

Suddenly ears prick up when a crow caws the day is nigh,

so they all hurry away to repeat everything the following Night.

The End